The Real World Big Yellow Bus Driver by Mr. Sam will


√   Student Discipline

√   Reduce Referrals

√   Increase Safety

√   Increase Parental Involvement

√   Recruit and Retain School Bus Drivers

Student discipline aboard the big yellow school bus is the number one reason people refuse to become bus drivers and why most school bus drivers quit. The Real World Big Yellow Bus Driver gives you real world advice, how-to's and specific strategies to effectively deal with today's student discipline issues. 


The Real World Big Yellow Bus Driver should be read by all public school stake-holders.

Superintendents & Principals

√  Reduce Bus Referrals by 90%

√  Increase Parental Involvement

√  Increase Student Attendance

√  Increase On-Time Graduation

√  Increase Student Safety

Parents & Caregivers

√  Be Involved in Your Child's Safe Transportation

√  Know Your Big Yellow Bus

√  Know Your Big Yellow Bus Driver

√  Know Your Teachers and Principals

BYB Managers & Supervisors

√  Understand the New School Transportation Paradigm

√  Support Student Safety

√  Support On-Time Graduation

√  Train Drivers to Real World School Bus Standards

                      →  Facilitate Parental Involvement

                      →  Improve School Relations

√  Increase Driver Recruitment & Retention

                                And More ...

Reading the Real World BYB Driver positions the savvy public school stake-holder to catch the next wave of change in the public school system. Organization and consistency aboard the BYB will become the standard by which the usefulness of BYB transportation is gauged. Schools routinely think outside the box to ensure student retention and on-time graduation. Train the BYB driver to the standards necessary to develop parental involvement and student safety aboard the BYB.

Those who acquire this knowledge will see the trends and be ahead of the game. They will have a tactical advantage over others who misunderstand the paradigm shift. While others fail you will easily recruit, train and increase retention of school bus drivers who are better prepared for development of the parent-school paradigm. Knowing what the new requirements and constraints will look like before they become a requirement puts your BYB service well ahead of others. Meaning schools will be more successful for having the BYB driver working along side them to improve student success. The Real World BYB Driver is a powerful and forward-looking strategy based upon present day applications where you as the stake-holder will have the advantage over others who fail to understand the power of the Real World BYB Driver.